Massachusetts Name Change Law offers Self-Prepared and Legal Technician-Prepared Name Change Forms


Document Self-Prepared Legal Technician-Prepared
Massachusetts Adult Name Change $29.95 $99.95
Last Will & Testament - FREE w/purchase
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*Pricing DOES NOT include filing and/or other applicable court fees which are paid directly to the local court when you file your legal name change action.

Self-Prepared or Paralegal Prepared - What's the Difference?

Self-Prepared Documents - You prepare the documents. You can fill out, print and use your documents immediately after purchase.

Legal Technician-Prepared Documents - We prepare the documents. Complete an online questionnaire(s), and submit it to our Document Preparation Team. We review your answers for completeness and accuracy, and contact you if additional information is needed. A delivery date is set based on our standard delivery time frames. Completed documents are delivered by e-mail. Paper delivery is available for an additional fee and may be chosen at checkout.

What's Included?

Whether you choose self-prepared or paralegal-prepared, you won't find a better value, all backed with our 100% guarantee:

  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you from start to finish.
  • State-specific name change forms, such as the Petition (or Application) to Change Name, Publication of Notice, Order (or Decree) to Change Name, and other documents as required based on state.
  • A list of steps to take after your name change is final, such as the institutions and agencies to notify of your legal name change so you can update your driver's license, Social Security records, birth certificate, and other important documents.
  • Free Last Will & Testament. This important document should be updated to reflect your new legal name. We make it easy.
  • Accuracy, completeness and grammar check is included with our Paralegal-Prepared Documents.
  • Toll-free telephone and unlimited e-mail support from our Customer Satisfaction Team.